15 mai 2010

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2002 BOR

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Start of the 2002 Bermuda Ocean Race

Date: Friday June 7 2002




We left the dock later than originally scheduled as important things remained to be done up to the very last moment. We needed to top off the fuel tank and one boat was already waiting for her turn at the fuel dock. Fortunately, they agreed to let us go ahead and we pumped 1.5 g.

The line was set up for a reaching start. We considered several options and then decided to start at the RC boat. This was a kind of risky start as we may be pushed to the wrong side of the RC boat by the rest of the fleet. We needed good speed and good timing. Speed was good but the timing was a bit off as Singularity was a full boat length ahead of us and Shanty Irish had tremendous leverage on us, slightly ahead and to our leeward. They tried to push us and to close the gap between them and the RC boat but fortunately Singularity escaped ahead and we had enough room to pass behind Singularity and between Shanty Irish and the RC boat.

Thereafter we stayed high just behind Farr Out. The other boats stayed on a more direct course to the Tolly Point Dolphin. Singularity tried to hoist early but could not keep the chute up.



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