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2002 BOR

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Race to Baltimore

Date: Saturday 27 October 2001

Length: 20.1 nm



Paul Hillier, Bill Casson, Isabelle Robalino and Bertrand Bellegarde

Email send to the Chantecler Team on 29 OCT 2001

Results are in and we are fifth of eight A2 boats. One boat, Falcon, has finished 1 mn 10 s after us but has compensated over us. The winner is a SD J/105, Rum Puppy, who has finished more than 10 mn ahead of us in real time. The other J/105, El Toro, has finished more than 7 mn after us. We have however beaten a boat that is usually good, Stitch and Glue, rated 90.
At 12:45 in the middle of the race, the average wind speed was 27 knots with maximum gust of 41 knots, the air temperature was 50 degrees and the wind chill was 26 degrees. I was relatively protected at the back of the cockpit, but those on the rail or on the foredeck were soaked by the waves and the spray and then chilled by the wind. Thank you Bill, Isabelle, Paul and Bertrand.
Two things went wrong before the start: I did not have the proper map to program the GPS for the expected marks and Don (major car problem) and Chris did not show up. We were thus much too light for the wind. Also, the start was delayed and we did not hear the guns for the first starts nor any useful announcement on the VHF. We missed the A0 start because only one boat started and then when A1 started I did not have my watch ready. The start caught us far away from the lead pack.
The situation did not improve for the long beats in the Bay. We did not find any groove and each wave slowed us down. The rig was tuned to 15-19 knots (to power up in the lulls) and my steering was tentative. El Toro stayed with us on our leeward hip and there were times when she gained on us.  None of the J/105s had put a reef on the main. The leeward rail was often in the water and the cockpit had lots of water in it because the drain hole was quite high when the boat heeled that much.
I should have asked for the code zero to be rigged before we turned the lighthouse for the short reaching leg to reach the entrance of the Patpsco river, but we were not sure if we could keep it. After we turned the lighthouse, we rigged it but did not use it because we were already almost at the mark.
The situation improved sensibly for us when beating up the Patapsco river mostly because the sea was much flatter. We started to pass some boats and the gap widened between us and El Toro and Stitch and Glue behind us.
Now, looking forward:
Because of the time change, there will be no week day practices anymore.
I expect to get a confirmation for the IMS race soon. Remember, the races are Saturday November 3 and Sunday November 4. So far, I have only Don, Bertrand and Tia (for Sunday only). We need many more people. Please tell me if you are available or not.
For the Fleet #3 championship, I have now agreed with John on the split and we will be doing the Sunday November 11. Again, let me know your availability.

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